Patrol Car Service

Patrol Car Services for Erie, PA

Protect your business, warehouse, living complex, or industrial site with the help of Fisher Security. We can provide a security patrol to monitor and guard the perimeter of your facility or parking lot. Our uniformed and unarmed personnel will give you peace of mind in one of our marked patrol vehicles.

Our patrol car service is aided by our use of mobile phone communications systems and supervised watchclock system. Our watchclock system ensures an accurate and reliable record of who has patrolled your property and ensures the security of your property is restricted to verified personnel.


Our Patrol Car Service is Available Daily

Since 1973, Fisher Security has been trusted to provide affordable and dependable security patrol car services. We are available 24/7 for your security needs in Erie, PA, and we would be happy to assess your business so that we can give you a full list of what services will best suit you.

We Provide the Following Services: 

  • Deterrence to vandalism and break-ins
  • Perimeter patrols of facilities
  • Systematic parking lot patrols
  • Check for unauthorized persons
  • Check equipment on property
  • Employee or guest escort services
  • Monitor employee shift changes
  • Complete interior walk-through patrols
  • Inspection of plant equipment and fire sprinkler services
  • Security Consulting
  • Monitor for Fires, checking equipment, sprinkler valves, compressors, boilers, pumps etc.
  • Monitor and ensure doors are shut and locked, security rounds of facilities.
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