Security Consulting

Schedule a Security Consult in Erie, PA

Running a business, owning an industrial complex, or overseeing a construction site is complex enough without adding security to your to-do list. Securing your property is a complicated process that is best left to trained and experienced professionals.

At Fisher Security, that is what we do best. We can assess the security needs of your property and give you all the details of our services that will protect your property and employees. Our security consult will include a check of plant equipment, fire sprinklers, perimeter security, and more. We will perform a threat, risk, and vulnerability assessment. We can also provide active shooter training.


Call Us for A Security Consultation

Learn about how to secure your commercial or industrial property by calling Fisher Security. We can provide security consulting and provide references to get you started. As always, we will make sure to provide affordable services for long-term and effective security.

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