Uniformed Security

Trained & Uniformed Security for Erie, PA

Fisher Security can provide unarmed, uniformed security personnel to patrol and monitor your commercial business, industrial facility, construction site, or apartment complex. Unarmed and uniformed, our security personnel can complete everything from inspections to patrols. Our services include the following:

  • Complete Interior Walk-Through Patrols
  • Check for Unauthorized Persons
  • Check Equipment on Property
  • Monitor Employee Shift Changes
  • Safety Check of Employees While at Work

When you run a business or own some sort of complex, keeping it and its occupants safe is essential. Fisher Security can help you accomplish this at an affordable rate. We offer a capable and trained security force that can provide the appropriate protection for you.

Security Guard
Call Us Today to Learn More About Our Unarmed Security Team

Whether you want to keep your employees safe from unauthorized persons, your equipment safe from theft, or your building protected against vandalism, Fisher Security is the business to call in Erie, PA. We have been trusted throughout the years for reliable and cost-effective security services.

We Provide the Following Services: 

  • Deterrence to vandalism and break-ins
  • Perimeter patrols of facilities
  • Systematic parking lot patrols
  • Check for unauthorized persons
  • Check equipment on property
  • Employee or guest escort services
  • Monitor employee shift changes
  • Complete interior walk-through patrols
  • Inspection of plant equipment and fire sprinkler services
  • Security Consulting
  • Monitor for Fires, checking equipment, sprinkler valves, compressors, boilers, pumps etc.
  • Monitor and ensure doors are shut and locked, security rounds of facilities.

Did you know that being watched, recorded, or observed is enough to deter most would-be burglars? Having an unarmed security guard can be a simple way to add an extra layer of safety to your team or property! At Fisher Security, our security guards are professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. If you’re looking for an unarmed but effective security force for your property, give us a call! Our guards are trained to handle any situation so you can feel that you’re leaving things in good hands. We won’t miss a thing and are well-versed in handling any situation.

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